T.U.S.C. (The Unique Speaking Club)

Our next class TUSC (The Unique Speaking Club) meeting is on Monday, February 4th.

The assigned jobs are:
Chairperson: Rhiannon

Local news: Sarah G

Sports Report: Julie

Book Review: Lina

National news:  Tom

Movie review: Kieran

International news: Amie G

Jokes: Ethan R, Annabella, Hudson

Commercial BreaksHalda, Luke, Jee-Yoon

Video game review: Agape

Website report: Hayden

Science news: Kyle

TV Times: Keana

Community Hall of Fame: Payten

Survey Monkey: Mila

Guinness World Records: Jacob

Fashion / Environmental Report: Amy Z

This Week in Music: Ethan C

Geography Lesson: Jason

Animal Curiosities: Jaxon

This Week in History: Jenna

ZuiTuber: Sarah M

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