On Friday Sept. 30th, students and staff  across Regina Public Schools are asked to wear orange shirts in recognition of keeping the conversation open about residential schools and acknowledging the fact that 'EVERY CHILD MATTERS'. We look forward to seeing as many staff and students wearing orange that day.  For more information please click on the following link. 

HSCC QSP Magazine Fundraiser

The QSP Magazine Fundraiser has begun! 

Students all received packages and order forms.

To place online orders

Hawrylak Online ID # 3730850

Please make cheques payable to W.S. Hawrylak SCC.


Orders Due by September 30


Top selling Classroom in K to 5 and in 6 to 8 win a pizza party!


Every magazine sold Online= 1 Fox

Collect them all.

If you need more information please call QSP at 1-800-667-2536


A BIG thanks to our HSCC, parent volunteeers and staff for organizing and helping with the welcome back BBQ yesterday.  Thanks to all the families that came out and to our teachers for opening up their classrroms. We are all very thankful at WS Hawrylak for such a supportive and engaged community!




Web Page Update

Over the next couple months the WS Hawrylak webpage will be updated with a few new appearance and content features.  Please be patient as we go through this process to give you an updated and better experience.  We will let you know as various features are added and links change.  

Current Updates to take note of:

Please register your email address on the right hand side newsletter subscription and automatically a copy of the newsletter and any other important info. will be sent to you once it has been uploaded to the website.  This is a great way of recieving important information with out having to check the website to see when something new is available.  

Please subscribe to our twitter feed to see learning that is happening across the school as well as immediate information being sent out.

Classroom links are currently being updated as well.  

School Division Focus 2016/17

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